Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is services that allow us to publish our business or personal website online on the internet. Web hosting companies provide platform and technology for making our website viewable on the internet browser. They allocate space on the webserver where we store our website’s files that are accessible worldwide through Domain name. 

“A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.” Wikipedia

Web hosting server 

Hosting sever is a computer that provides worldwide access through the internet. Web server is used for storing the website files and applications. Websites are accessible online by specific IP addresses or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The web server computer control and manage the website files uploaded by the user. 

Types of common Web serves 

There are many types of Web Hosting servers,  We are discussing the most leading servers here.

Apache HTTP Server: Apache HTTP Server is designed and developed by the world-famous IT Company Apache Software Foundation. Apache HTTP Server is open source software and available free of cost. More than 60% of major operating systems like, Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, Unix using Apache HTTP server.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS): Internet information server is a product of Microsoft, and it is not an open-source server. This server works with Windows NT/200, 2003. It is a very famous and easy to use web server providing high performance.

Different Types of Web Host

There are different types of web hosting available in the market. It depends on user requirements as to storage, capacity, and technology. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting a type of web hosting server where multiple websites are hosted on the same server. Normally every user has a resource limit allowed by the web hosting company. Shared hosting is a cheap and cost-effective way to host your website online. Shared web hosting is suitable, a standard website, and blogs that do not need advanced requirements.

How does shared hosting work?

The sharing hosting is like sharing a room with other roommates or a highway with other traffic. Many user use server that reduces the cost price. Shared hosting is still popular among internet users and website managers due to its easy availably and less cost. Shared hosting server also having the same features using by the other expensive servers like VPS or Dedicated. The main deferent between a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated server and Shared hosting is about resource limits.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting in Pakistan

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a short form of “Virtual Private Server.” A private server means that you are part owner of this server. VPS hosting allows you a specific amount of resources from a dedicated server. It means you are the owner of a kind of dedicated server, but it is a virtual server.

virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. Wikipedia 

There are many types of VPS servers like Cloud VPS, Managed VPS, or Unmanaged VPS. Virtual Private Server and Shared hosting are the same in some ways.

Benefits of VPS Hosting 

The user who avail the VPS hosting, get the resource guaranteed resources like Ram, Bandwidth, Disk Space, and CPU. There is no bad impact if other users doing anything wrong on the account. VPS hosting provides the best stability, security, and performance to run your website hassle-free.

VPS hosting in Pakistan

VPS hosting in Pakistan

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is an environment all resources, with the highest level of allocation, control, and security belong to a single user. They are dedicated to Hosting an upper-level server specification of a Virtual private server. It gives complete allocation of resources of the machine, like RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth, etc. The user who needs maximum control, security, and performance for his website should buy a Dedicated Hosting server. If he has a starting level business website and does not want to spend much amount, then shared hosting is the option.

  Benefits of Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting is ideal for corporate-level companies or websites with much high traffic. A dedicated server provides full control to the user and lets him configure the setting as per his requirements. Guaranteed resources, Maximum control, extra security, and custom configuration are the main benefits of dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

 What is Cpanel

cPanel is one of the best application that controls all the web hosting features for Linux based servers. It allows users to control all his features in a single place with a user-friendly interface. Cpanel allows users to create company Emails associated with the company Domain. It allows user to publish a website, organize website’s files manage the databases and email account. Cpanel is not free, but most companies provide Cpanel free with their hosting packages.

what is Cpanel

what is Cpanel

What is web hosting, and why do I need it?

Web hosting is a service where you can host your website; store your files, manage email accounts. Your website files go live and accessible worldwide through Web hosting. Web hosting services are easily available in every country. You can buy web hosting services online by visiting the services to provide a website. 

Web Hosting in Pakistan

Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

SoftandHost providing high speed, premium quality, and affordable Web Hosting in Pakistan. If you are going to publish your business website online, you are in the right place. SoftandHost offers Fast, Secure, and cheap web hosting in Pakistan. You can run your personal or business website smoothly by using our world-class SSD servers.

Choosing reliable web hosting is very difficult in Pakistan. Many companies are providing hosting services at a low price and also using low-quality servers. These low-quality servers never meet the required speed and performance, which causes damage to your online reputation and bad SEO effects.

We are providing web hosting services for all scale of Business. We offer Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. We have hosted hundreds of websites in our Web Hosting career. We are one of the oldest Web Hosting providing companies in Pakistan.

This web hosting uses the latest hardware and security for our servers, so you can be sure your data is safe from malicious attacks and have peace of mind that your website will always run at optimal performance. We use advanced monitoring tools, so we’ll see any issues before there is an issue with your website.

Web Hosting in Pakistan


Web Hosting in Lahore

Our hosting service is suitable for medium and corporate level business. It meets the fundamental requirement of developers. We make sure that our web hosting services are affordable for our clients. There is the latest Cpanel include in every single shared hosting account where you can manage all hosting features. There are many types of Web hosting technology available in the market, is a Lahore Pakistan based web hosting company established in 2010.

Our in-house staff is trained to pay attention to the minutest details and explain things in a manner you will understand. We have a diverse range of clients in some of the following industries: hobbyists, businesses, educational bodies, and non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to provide a unique solution to our clients for making their best possible online presence. SoftandHost is awarded as Best Web Hosting in Lahore Pakistan. We provide not only Web Hosting but Domain registration, Web development, and under the roof with attractive packages.

Why Choose SoftandHost

There are many reasons that you can depend on SoftandHost for choosing as your web hosting partner.

  • We offer premium quality SSD hosting that boosts your website faster.
  • We provide our best value hosting services at very reasonable prices.
  • Our hosting servers are enriched with Speed, Security, and budget-friendly.
  • We believe in delivering services with transparency and professionally.
  • We proudly provide the best very personal support on Email, Phone, and WhatsApp.
  • We provide all solutions, from your domain registration to web development and SEO.
  • SoftandHost has the most professional team of Graphic designers for banner designing, logo designing.
Domain registration

SoftandHost offering Free of cost domain registration services

Domain Registration

Choosing the best domain for your online business is the most important decision for your website. We are providing almost all major TLD registration services for our clients. Our domain registration system is powered by the world’s best domain reselling company. It provides you with live domain suggestions. We make sure your domain registration process in a fasted way. Normally we don’t charge an extra fee for domain registration. It comes free of cost with our Economy and Advance packages. We are also providing—PK domain registration services to our clients.

Web Development

SoftandHost is a leading Web Development Company in Lahore, Pakistan. We have a team of talented and professional developers and designers. Our team is highly experienced and motivated to bring a masterpiece for every customer. We have the following expertise to fulfill the unique requirements of our valued client.

  1. Website Designing
  2. Website Development
  3. Customer website designing
  4. PHP website development
  5. HTML Website Designing
  6. eCommerce website development
  7. WordPress website designing and development
  8. App development
Web Development Company in Lahore

Web Development Company in Lahore

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a basic need for any type of online business in the modern world. Google has become the biggest source of information and getaway to access any resources. SoftandHost helping to improve the ranking of your website against any search query. We try to improve the visibility of your online business in an organic way. Our SEO services in Lahore is the magic way to expand your business all over the world. We are also providing digital marketing services with the best strategies and online advertisement companies.