Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan (2022)

Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan (2022)

Are you still wondering what web hosting actually is? It’s basically a service that lets individuals or organizations publish their websites across the internet. When publishing, they need space to store essential files including HTML documents, images, and videos. You could say that it’s like renting out servers from a company that wishes to store these materials online. In this article, we have listed some of our top picks for 2021!

When it comes to choosing web hosting, there are many different options available. The main differences between types of hosts include price and features such as storage space, bandwidth limits, and security measures like firewalls or DDOS protection. When you’re ready to choose the best host for your site we’ll walk through each option so that you can make an educated decision on what’s right for your needs.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

To start an online business in Pakistan, a person needs to do many courses and get proper counseling. It is even more difficult for local people because they face problems regarding where to go or who will help them out. Even if someone already knows how to design websites and develop them further, he/she may not be able to achieve the desired results from their actions due to lack of guidance.

While there are many reasons why online businesses fail, one of the most important is that they chose unreliable web hosts. It’s a complex and difficult process to select an authentic host for your business as it can be challenging with countless options out there.

You can trust the companies that we will mention in this guide, they are ranked among the top and have a good reputation. You don’t need to worry about payment methods because these hosting providers offer various options for Pakistani users.

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan (2022)

  1. SoftandHost (Best for Pakistani users)
  2. Host Gator
  3. GoDaddy
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Blue Host


If you are looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting service, SoftandHost is the right choice. By choosing our services, we ensure that your website will load quickly without compromising quality or safety standards. Our team of experts provides a personalized approach to every customer so no matter how small-scale business you’re running – whether it’s just about starting up or scaling down – we have something unique in store!
Softandhost commits itself to providing the best possible performance at low prices making us one of the most trusted brands in this competitive market. SoftandHost is also one of the Best web development companies in Lahore Pakistan.




With Hostgator, you can build a website to start your online career quickly and affordably. They partner with Weebly for this reason; creating an incredible site won’t take long at all!

Bluehost is the biggest WordPress hosting provider and has been around since 1996. They were recommended by ‘WordPress’ as an official host, so you never have to worry about your website being slow even during heavy traffic periods. Their 24/7 expert support team provides phone, email, or live chat services whenever needed; they’re rated #1 in small business web hosting rankings too!

HostGator could be among the largest, most trusted web hosting companies however they’re still able to boast an impressive daily uptime average of 99.93 percent in the past twelve months.



The shared hosting plans they offer include unlimitable storage space, unlimited bandwidth a free domain (for the first year), and a free SSL certificate. They also offer excellent customer service. They connected via live chat immediately and replied to each query within just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, a lot of additional services, such as security and backups, will be added on as fees. Additionally, renewal fees are soaring after your initial period is over.

This is a comprehensive review of our hands-on tests that used data from third parties like Pingdom to help us understand their performance.

Pros of Using HostGator Shared

HostGator’s uptime performance used to be an issue in years past. But not anymore, based on our 12 months’ worth of tracking.

Additionally, their customer service was swift and efficient. They’ll assist you in moving your website onto their platform without cost. For beginners, they’ll appreciate many of the easy user-friendly options that guide them.

  1. Stable Uptime of 99.95%

HostGator has recorded an average 99.95 percent uptime with slightly more than four and one-half hours of downtime during the last twelve months.

  1. Decent Load Time 707 ms

HostGator’s servers did not have any problems keeping our website online and running over the last year.

What about their server’s speed?

HostGator has delivered an average page load duration of 707 milliseconds over the past 12 months.

  1. Good Support

Similar to other service providers such as SiteGround and Dreamhost, HostGator offers a knowledgebase as well as email, phone as well as live chat help.

  1. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator has such confidence about their service that they’ve extended the 30-day average refund policy by two weeks, or perhaps 45 days.

  1. Site Security Features Available

The shared hosting options offered by HostGator are basic. There’s enough to run a single website and not a number of extras over it.


Bandwidth Email Account Disk Space Price in INR
100 GB 5 email accounts 10 GB Rs 250/month
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Rs 500/month
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Rs 750/month


  • 10GB Disk Space & 100GB Data Transfer.
  • Free SSL and .com domain names.
  • Free Migration, SSL, Backup.
  • Reliable technical support.
  • Free Cpanel & Website Migration.




With over 1000 web hosting services available, it’s quite difficult to find a Webhosting service that’s right for you.

From the first look, GoDaddy is great, with low costs and excellent features.

However, if you take a look at reviews and feedback from customers there will be opinionated ones, too.

What is it specifically regarding GoDaddy? Do you need to join them or not?

We’d like to make this decision simpler for you. Therefore, we joined GoDaddy to check their capabilities. We looked closely at their terms and features and put together this thorough analysis to help make it simpler to judge whether GoDaddy is a good fit for your needs.

Let’s look at it a bit closer.

Pros of Using GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy might be best known for being a domain registrar, but they have also figured out how to provide a decent hosting service.

They have also delivered impressive uptime and speed in recent years. They also offer more than 125free integrations for your site and also provide friendly customer service.

All things considered, The most affordable Economic plan is an excellent value for money and is also a good value for money.

Below are the top aspects we enjoyed regarding GoDaddy’s host.

  1. Great Page Load Time at 520 ms

It could be an unexpected surprise

  1. Over 125+ One-Click Install Applications

GoDaddy lets you add several powerful third-party integrations to your site. You can include more than 125 of the most popular software on the Internet in only one click. This includes CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

  1. Basic Cheap Plan is Good Value (for a Single Basic Website)

When we first reviewed GoDaddy (in 2022,) their most affordable hosted plan for shared hosts were far too costly, and the features were extremely restricted. It was at least in comparison to competitors.

Cons of Using GoDaddy Hosting

Although the value for GoDaddy’s cheapest plan seems good at first, you’ll find some problems once you look closer.

In reality, their lower rates can be a contributing factor to issues. The cheapest plan does not have a number of important options and comes with many of upsells in the process of checkout. Additionally, the renewal price will be higher than the discount offered for the first time.

A2 Hosting



A2 Hosting has been in operation since 2001, and they’re best well-known for their page loading speed.

In actual fact, they’ve offered among the fastest speeds of servers we’ve observed in the past year. Furthermore, A2 Hosting has a excellent uptime, making their hosting service stable.

Hosting plans for hosting is user-friendly and the “anytime” money-back guarantee is an original feature.

The biggest drawback is the annual renewal fee that is a significant issue. It increases dramatically after the initial. But, if you require an extremely fast web hosting service that is inexpensive upfront cost ($1.99/month) and with the capacity to grow with your site’s development. A2 Hosting is the ideal choice for you.

We’ll take a closer analysis of the pros and cons following signing up to pay for their hosting service and testing it.

Pros of Using A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best under-the-radar hosting companies you might not know about, but should.


Their speed is great Their uptime is consistent, customer service is pleasant Security features are abundant and the refund policy is generous. And, on top of that, they’re eco-friendly too.

Let’s look more deeply at the many benefits of A2 Hosting.

  • Super-Fast Page Loading Speed (284 ms)
  • Reliable Uptime of 99.98%
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring and Malware Scanning
  • Free Site Migrations (1-25 Depending on the Plan)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) and Developer-Friendly Tools
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee




Did you have the knowledge that Bluehost hosts two million-plus websites?

It’s quite plenty.

A large customer base is sufficient evidence that they’re doing things right. Their uptime is stable and server speeds are excellent and all their hosting plans come with helpful features for intermediates and beginners alike.

Bluehost provides 24/7 live chat and telephone assistance, and you can test them out with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are a couple of drawbacks including higher renewal fees as well as some restrictions on the most affordable plan.

All of our reviews are based exclusively on actual data such as time, uptime, speed, and costs.

Therefore, with no further delay now, let’s take a close glance at Bluehost and see whether they are able to provide the top-quality web hosting service you require.

Pros of Using Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost has been around since 2003, so they have plenty of experience to know what makes a hosting service excellent.

Their initial costs are low Customer support is easy to get in touch with and very helpful You also get lots of beneficial features that you can use with the hosting plan you choose. Additionally, they offer unbeatable uptime and high servers.

Let’s take a closer look at the strengths of Bluehost.

  •  Good Uptime Through 12-Months (99.95%)
  •  Fast Page Loading Speed (713 ms)
  •  Low Introductory Pricing ($2.75/mo)
  •  Easy to Use for Beginners
  •  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee