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How to earn Maximum income through Google Adsense

How to earn More income by using Google Adsense

Google does not care what we are thinking about Google and their business polices, but indeed advertisement is main income source of Google. In other words we can say that Google entire business of based on Google AdWord and Google AdSense. AdWord is for who advertise their business on publisher website via Google AdSense platform is for publisher who show advertiser’s ads given by Google. When publisher show AdSense ads on their website or blog they earn a part of money out of which Google get from advertisers. Google has very detailed platform for advertisers (AdWord) where they can handle all advertisement. Advertiser can select website category and area zone. Same other end the publisher has limited options about ads.

Maximum income through Google AdSense

Google is leading information Technology Company in world. Google always keep focus and note  customer and user demand and needs. Therefore from last some days Google has introduce and totally new AdSense option called Ad Balance. We are unable to get any idea through this name but I will try to teach you about it.

Basically the Ad balance gives publisher tool like Google Contributor which is a subscription option for user about their favorite ads. With Ad Balance now publisher can select least interesting and suitable ads. The ad space will be left blank in case of unwanted or low profit Google ads.

By using Ad Balance slider option you can earn 50% extra then your normal income. You should understand complete options of Ad Balance before applying it on your website.



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