Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is services that allow us to publish our business or personal website online on the internet. Web hosting companies provide platform and technology for making our website viewable on the internet browser. They allocate space on the webserver where we store our website’s files that are accessible worldwide through Domain name. 

“A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.” Wikipedia

Web hosting server 

Hosting sever is a computer that provides worldwide access through the internet. Web server is used for storing the website files and applications. Websites are accessible online by specific IP addresses or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The web server computer control and manage the website files uploaded by the user. 

Types of common Web serves 

There are many types of Web Hosting servers,  We are discussing the most leading servers here.

Apache HTTP Server: Apache HTTP Server is designed and developed by the world-famous IT Company Apache Software Foundation. Apache HTTP Server is open source software and available free of cost. More than 60% of major operating systems like, Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, Unix using Apache HTTP server.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS): Internet information server is a product of Microsoft, and it is not an open-source server. This server works with Windows NT/200, 2003. It is a very famous and easy to use web server providing high performance.

Different Types of Web Host

There are different types of web hosting available in the market. It depends on user requirements as to storage, capacity, and technology. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting a type of web hosting server where multiple websites are hosted on the same server. Normally every user has a resource limit allowed by the web hosting company. Shared hosting is a cheap and cost-effective way to host your website online. Shared web hosting is suitable, a standard website, and blogs that do not need advanced requirements.

How does shared hosting work?

The sharing hosting is like sharing a room with other roommates or a highway with other traffic. Many user use server that reduces the cost price. Shared hosting is still popular among internet users and website managers due to its easy availably and less cost. Shared hosting server also having the same features using by the other expensive servers like VPS or Dedicated. The main deferent between a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated server and Shared hosting is about resource limits.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting in Pakistan

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a short form of “Virtual Private Server.” A private server means that you are part owner of this server. VPS hosting allows you a specific amount of resources from a dedicated server. It means you are the owner of a kind of dedicated server, but it is a virtual server.

virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. Wikipedia 

There are many types of VPS servers like Cloud VPS, Managed VPS, or Unmanaged VPS. Virtual Private Server and Shared hosting are the same in some ways.

Benefits of VPS Hosting 

The user who avail the VPS hosting, get the resource guaranteed resources like Ram, Bandwidth, Disk Space, and CPU. There is no bad impact if other users doing anything wrong on the account. VPS hosting provides the best stability, security, and performance to run your website hassle-free.

VPS hosting in Pakistan

VPS hosting in Pakistan

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is an environment all resources, with the highest level of allocation, control, and security belong to a single user. They are dedicated to Hosting an upper-level server specification of a Virtual private server. It gives complete allocation of resources of the machine, like RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth, etc. The user who needs maximum control, security, and performance for his website should buy a Dedicated Hosting server. If he has a starting level business website and does not want to spend much amount, then shared hosting is the option.

  Benefits of Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting is ideal for corporate-level companies or websites with much high traffic. A dedicated server provides full control to the user and lets him configure the setting as per his requirements. Guaranteed resources, Maximum control, extra security, and custom configuration are the main benefits of dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

 What is Cpanel

cPanel is one of the best application that controls all the web hosting features for Linux based servers. It allows users to control all his features in a single place with a user-friendly interface. Cpanel allows users to create company Emails associated with the company Domain. It allows user to publish a website, organize website’s files manage the databases and email account. Cpanel is not free, but most companies provide Cpanel free with their hosting packages.

what is Cpanel

what is Cpanel

What is web hosting, and why do I need it?

Web hosting is a service where you can host your website; store your files, manage email accounts. Your website files go live and accessible worldwide through Web hosting. Web hosting services are easily available in every country. You can buy web hosting services online by visiting the services to provide a website. 

Web Hosting in Pakistan

Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

SoftandHost providing high speed, premium quality, and affordable Web Hosting in Pakistan. If you are going to publish your business website online, you are in the right place. SoftandHost offers Fast, Secure, and cheap web hosting in Pakistan. You can run your personal or business website smoothly by using our world-class SSD servers.

Choosing reliable web hosting is very difficult in Pakistan. Many companies are providing hosting services at a low price and also using low-quality servers. These low-quality servers never meet the required speed and performance, which causes damage to your online reputation and bad SEO effects.

We are providing web hosting services for all scale of Business. We offer Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. We have hosted hundreds of websites in our Web Hosting career. We are one of the oldest Web Hosting providing companies in Pakistan.

This web hosting uses the latest hardware and security for our servers, so you can be sure your data is safe from malicious attacks and have peace of mind that your website will always run at optimal performance. We use advanced monitoring tools, so we’ll see any issues before there is an issue with your website.

Web Hosting in Pakistan


Web Hosting in Lahore

Our hosting service is suitable for medium and corporate level business. It meets the fundamental requirement of developers. We make sure that our web hosting services are affordable for our clients. There is the latest Cpanel include in every single shared hosting account where you can manage all hosting features. There are many types of Web hosting technology available in the market, is a Lahore Pakistan based web hosting company established in 2010.

Our in-house staff is trained to pay attention to the minutest details and explain things in a manner you will understand. We have a diverse range of clients in some of the following industries: hobbyists, businesses, educational bodies, and non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to provide a unique solution to our clients for making their best possible online presence. SoftandHost is awarded as Best Web Hosting in Lahore Pakistan. We provide not only Web Hosting but Domain registration, Web development, and under the roof with attractive packages.

Why Choose SoftandHost

There are many reasons that you can depend on SoftandHost for choosing as your web hosting partner.

  • We offer premium quality SSD hosting that boosts your website faster.
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Domain registration

SoftandHost offering Free of cost domain registration services

Domain Registration

Choosing the best domain for your online business is the most important decision for your website. We are providing almost all major TLD registration services for our clients. Our domain registration system is powered by the world’s best domain reselling company. It provides you with live domain suggestions. We make sure your domain registration process in a fasted way. Normally we don’t charge an extra fee for domain registration. It comes free of cost with our Economy and Advance packages. We are also providing—PK domain registration services to our clients.

Web Development

SoftandHost is a leading Web Development Company in Lahore, Pakistan. We have a team of talented and professional developers and designers. Our team is highly experienced and motivated to bring a masterpiece for every customer. We have the following expertise to fulfill the unique requirements of our valued client.

  1. Website Designing
  2. Website Development
  3. Customer website designing
  4. PHP website development
  5. HTML Website Designing
  6. eCommerce website development
  7. WordPress website designing and development
  8. App development
Web Development Company in Lahore

Web Development Company in Lahore

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a basic need for any type of online business in the modern world. Google has become the biggest source of information and getaway to access any resources. SoftandHost helping to improve the ranking of your website against any search query. We try to improve the visibility of your online business in an organic way. Our SEO services in Lahore is the magic way to expand your business all over the world. We are also providing digital marketing services with the best strategies and online advertisement companies.



The AEO in collaboration with the IDP is conducting the IELTS test every month in Pakistan. In September, the test will be held on the 5th, the 12th (Academic), and the 26th. In October, the IELTS test will be held on the 10th, the 15th(Academic), the 24th, and the 31st (Academic). In November, the IELTS test will be held on the 7th(Academic), the 12th, the 21st, and the 28th, whereas in December, the IELTS test will hold on the 5th, then 12th, and the 19th (Academic). The British Council is rumored to resume their IELTS testing in October 2020.

Call for IELTS Preparation :+92-323-4622-368

The best books for IELTS test preparation are the University of Cambridge Past Papers with Answers suite of which there are 13 editions available in the market currently. Each book has four full-length Academic tests and two full-length General IELTS tests, including the listening and speaking sample tests. The books also come with audio CDs for Listening practice and sample model essay, letter, and report answers for review and understanding. Of all the Literature available the Cambridge suite is the most useful and highly recommended. Although the British Council has it’s own study pack which is available by online purchase order and then there is Barron’s IELTS book as well which is also effective for understanding the test.


The new fee for IELTS registration with AEO effective August 19th, 2020 is Rs. 38, 280, and with Online Credit Card payment after GST it comes out to be Rs. 39, 430. The data transfer fee is Rs. 9, 570, whereas the IELTS test Center change Fee is Rs. 1,160. The AEO IELTS test Karachi Registration Fee is Rs. 37, 290. The British Council IELTS test Fee for Peshawar, Abbottabad, Quetta, Mirpur is Rs. 30,000, for Karachi, and Hyderabad it is Rs. 33, 900, whereas for Punjab it is Rs. 34, 800.


EASY COACHING provides one-on-one coaching and online training for the purpose of IELTS test preparation and is the best institute in this regard. EASY COACHING is owned by Professor Zeeshan A. Khalid who has been an IELTS instructor for the last twenty years. He is foreign qualified and has vast experience in helping students prepare for the test in person or online. His interactive, hands-on approach to quality learning is bound to produce guaranteed results by putting students at ease with the material as they learn the tips and techniques required to excel in the IELTS test. He offers classes on Zoom and also shares useful online material that IELTS test takers find especially beneficial to prepare well.





مواقيت الصلاة جدة

مواقيت الصلاة جدة , في مدينة كبيرة مثل جدة ، حيث تكون الحياة متعددة الثقافات ويقيم فيها الأشخاص من جميع المجتمعات ، فإن متابعة جميع أوقات الصلاة مهمة صعبة. تعد مدينةجدة رابع أكبر مدينة في المملكة العربية السعودية ويبلغ عدد سكانها 4.5 مليون نسمة. الناس من مختلف الديانات والثقافات يقيمون هناك ويمارسون معتقداتهم.

To start the prayer, say Allah o Akbar after the intention of prayer. When saying Allah o Akbar the man should lift the two of his hands up to his ears while the lady should lift both her hands up to her shoulders however ought not to remove her hands from her long scarf. It is better if Allah Akbar says in the wake of lifting the hands to the referenced level. At that point the man should bind his hands under the navel so that he overlaps the left hand with his right hand while the lady should bind her hands on her chest and spot the palm of her right hand on the rear of her left palm. And recite this,

(سُبْحَانَکَ اللّٰھُمَّ وَبِحَمْدِکَ وَتَبَارَکَ اسْمُکَ وَتَعَالیٰ جَدُّکَ وَلاَ اِلٰہَ غَیْرُکَ)

After that recite taowz and tasmia and state Amen after surah Alhamd. Then recite any surah with the start of Tasmania (Bismillah). Then come in ruku state by saying Allah o Akbar and say three times, five times or seven times  سُبْحَانَ رَبِّیَ الْعَظِیْمِ  and in ruku the man should hold his knees with his hands and keep his fingers open. Keep the arms separated from the sides and keep a little separation between the legs while the lady in ruku ‘puts the fingers of two hands together on the knees and keeps both the arms well together from the sides and furthermore the lower legs of both the feet together at that point tune in.

After this raise your head by saying سَمِعَ اللّٰہُ لِمَنْ حَمِدَہ and when you stand upright say رَبَّنَا لَکَ الْحَمْدُ.

After this recite Allah o Akber and go in the prostrate state by taking knees on the ground place hands on the ground equal to ears and place forehead between two hands and in the end place nose on the ground. In some scholars points of view, nose should place before than forehead. What’s more, the man should keep the mid-region separate from the thighs in prostration. Raise the elbows starting from the earliest stage keep the feet standing and keep the toes of the hands and feet towards the Qiblah while the lady doesn’t remain on her feet however pulls out towards the right side. Furthermore, she should prostrate with her head down and her hips together so her stomach joins both her thighs and her arms on the two sides and said سُبْحَانَ رَبِّیَ الْاَعْلٰی

for at least three times. After this got up by saying Allah o Akber and sat down comfortably. Similarly, perform the second prostration by reciting سُبْحَانَ رَبِّیَ الْاَعْلٰی  at least for three times, and stand up by saying Allah o Akber. He ought not to get up with his hands on the ground, furthermore say Bismillah, recite surah Al-Hamd and any other Surah and complete the second rak’ah similarly. At the point when he has done the subsequent prostration, he should spread his legs and sit on it with his right foot. Keep the fingers towards the qiblah as normal and keep the tips of the fingers near the knees while the lady is perched on the left hip and stretching out both her legs to one side and setting two hands on her thighs and keeping the fingers well close, at that point read:

اَلتَّحِیَّاتُ لِلّٰہِ وَالصَّلَوَاتُ وَالطَّیِّبَاتُ اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَیْکَ اَیُّھَاالنَّبِیُّ وَرَحْمَۃُ اللّٰہِ وَبَرَکَاتُۃٗ اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَیْنَا وَعَلیٰ عِبَادِ اللّٰہِ الصَّالِحِیْنَ اَشْہَدُ اَنْ لَّا اِلٰہَ اِلَّا اللّٰہُ وَاَشْھَدُ اَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا عَبْدُہٗ وَرَسُوْلُہ

Furthermore, when he arrives at the word shahada (kalma) اَشْہَدُ, he should make a hover with his center finger and thumb and raise the finger of the shahada when saying La ilaha illa and bow down when he says الا اللہ yet keep the finger hover till the finish of the prayer. In the event that you need to pray four rak’ats, at that point don’t recount anything over that, however promptly stands up saying Allahu Akbar and offer two more rak’ats and don’t join some other surah with acclaim in the last two rak’ats in the obligatory prayer. When sitting on the fourth rak’ah, at that point recite Al-Tahyaat and these Durood


اَللّٰھُمَّ صَلِّ عَلیٰ مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلیٰ اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ کَمَاصَلَّیْتَ عَلیٰ اِبْرَاھِیْمَ وَعَلیٰ اٰ لِ اِبْرَاہِیْمَ اِنَّکَ حَمِیْدٌ مَّجِیْدٌ)

(اَللّٰھُمَّ بَارِکْ عَلٰی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلٰی اٰ لِ مُحَمَّدٍٍکَمَا بَارَکْتَ عَلٰی اِبْرَاہِیْمَ وَعَلٰی اٰ لِ اِبْرَاہِیْمَ اِنَّکَ حَمِیْدٌ مَّجِیْد

And praise this:

رَبَّنَا اٰتِنَا فِی الدُّنْیَا حَسَنَۃً وَّفِی الْاٰخِرَۃِ حَسَنَۃً وَّقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّار

Or recite this pray:

اَللّٰھُمَّ اغْفِرْلِیْ وَلِوَالِدَیَّ وَلِجَمِیْعِ الْمُؤْمِنِیْنَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ وَالْمُسْلِمِیْنَ وَالْمُسْلِمَاتِ اَلْاَحْیَائِ مِنْھُمْ وَالْاَمْوَاتِ

Or then again recite another prayer which is referenced in the hadith or Qur’an. After this say salutation on right and left side by saying اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَیْکُمْ وَرَحْمَۃُ اللّٰہِ     and make intention for angels too on both sides. What’s more, on the off chance that he implores prayer in assemblage, at that point he should make the intention for those people who are on the right, and for those who are on the left side. On the off chance that the Imam is on the right side, he should make the expectation in the greeting on the right side, and in the event that he is on the left side, he should make the aim in the greetings on the left side. Make intention for both the right and left side in salutation for imam if he is on front. The imam should make the intention of salutation for followers and angels. This is the strategy for playing out the prayers, yet on the off chance that one of the obligations in it is excluded, at that point the supplications won’t be performed, regardless of whether it is precluded purposefully or unintentionally same order for both. Somethings are compulsory and whenever these left unchecked, the supplications become pointless and ruined and the petitions must be offered once more. Regardless of whether one doesn’t recount it once more, the commitment is satisfied, however, it is an incredible sin. What’s more, in the event that something forgotten in the petition, at that point perform forgotten prostration. And a few things are Sunnah and some are commendable.

Prayer Time :

Offering prayer on time is very impotent. Islam has specified the prayer times for all five prayers for Muslims. Finding the accurate prayer time is very easy in this technology ages, You can just simply find it by searching on Google. For example, you want Salah time in Jeddah, simple you can find the prayer time.


EID FESTIVAL, Eid al Fitr , Eid al-Adha, Muslim Eid celebration


Eid, in Arabic, means literally a “festival” or “feast.” The Islamic calendar contains two major eids per year-Eid al-Fitr earlier in the year and Eid al-Adha later.

Eid al-Fitr is a three-day festival, known as the “Lesser” or “Smaller Eid” compared to Eid al-Adha, known as the “Greater Eid,” which is four-day long.

eid festival

  • Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast,” a religious holiday observed by Muslims around the world that marks the culmination of Ramadan’s month-long dawn-to-sunset fast. This religious Eid is the first and only day of the Shawwal month during which Muslims are not required to fast. The date of the beginning of any lunar Hijri month varies according to when the new moon is seen The day of the celebration varies according to locality by local religious authorities. For accurate prayer time in Jeddha and all over the world.

Eid al-Fitr has a particular salah (Islamic prayer) consisting of two rakats (units) that are usually performed in an open field or large space.It can only be done in congregation (jamaal) and has six additional Takbirs (the lifting of hands to ears when saying “Allah u al-Akbar,” meaning “God is the greatest”).

  • Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha (‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ or Eid Qurban, also known as the ‘Festival of the Sacrifice’ by Qurban Bayrami, is the second of two annually observed Islamic holidays worldwide(the other being Eid al-Fitr) and considered the holier of both. It honors Ibrahim’s (Abraham) willingness to sacrifice its son as an act of obedience to the order of God. But God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead, before Ibrahim could To commemorate this intervention an animal, normally a sheep, is ritually sacrificed and divided into three parts. The poor and the needy receive one share, the other is held at home and the third is given to relatives.


Importance of Eid FESTIVAL for Muslims All Around The World

 Fast-breaking festival

That is the first explanation why it is important to have Eid-ul-fitr. After a whole month of fasting in Ramadan, Muslims celebrate this day to break the fast. It’s the day that Muslims usually show their true joy for the health, strength and opportunities that Allah has given them. Most Muslims agree that this day is useful to break the month they have Quick fasting and adoring Allah for all his deeds.

Exchange gifts day and have Merry with family and friends

The other reason most Muslims enjoy this special day is that it is a day when people get a chance to pray, celebrate and merry together. The gift-giving process reflects the desire to share joy and love within the Muslim community. The Eid celebration and the importance of gift sessions bring Muslims closer to one another and Show how happy they are to exchange affection and mutual respect.

A Day to Try Forgiveness, Healing and Blessings

Every Muslim knows they must draw closer to God and seek forgiveness. They want him to have mercy on them, and guide them through them always. This is the key reason why almost every Muslim would wake up early for prayers and get to the mosque. They hope that Allah Almighty seeks everlasting love, peace and guidance. Besides seeking forgiveness from Allah, people come to seek forgiveness even among themselves. Muslims seek salvation from all the wrong doing they may have done voluntarily or without permission.

A Day of Feeding the Hungry

Eid-ul-fitr is a day that binds and enjoins all the Muslims to come together and share with their poor brothers what they already have. The less fortunate in society, Muslims share food, clothing and money. Sharing is one of the lessons you will know in the Quran and thus Muslims will come together to help their needy brethren. SoftandHost offering discount for all web hosting plans on this Eid days.

Satellite internet can save your lives with these ways

Possibly you have never heard about satellite internet, if you are living in the developed area of the world. Maybe you have the access of internet through mobile phone network as well as DSLR. Satellite internet is the alternative use where the cable internet and DSL are not working. Satellite internet is working just like noises. In the areas where cable internet and DSL are not available, the companies offer the small links of satellite internet in that small rural area of USA. Satellite internet is the development of the internet in rural areas.

Satellite internet has some corn and pros:

The corns of satellite internet

Below are the some corns of satellite internet


There is a hundred miles difference between the internet connection and the boosters of satellite internet. Signal faces many hurdles of weather to reach at their destination. The speed of satellite internet is not much bad but DSL is the best speed internet. If you are trying to achieve the other tasks like video streaming then the broadband of satellite internet is the best.


And because satellite internet requires the actual launching of small satellites into Earth’s orbit, it tends to be a much more expensive alternative to other forms of high speed satellite internet, ones that simply require plugging into an already existing grid. Furthermore, as there are currently few of these satellite orbiting the earth, residents in some parts of the world do not have access to unlimited satellite internet; some areas are simply spotty, as though they were dead spots in a cellular phone network.


And therefore, the Internet needs to start the real satellite of small satellites in the Earth’s Orbit, which makes it more expensive alternative to other high-speed Internet forms, which just plugs into the existing grid. Is required additionally,as some of the Earth’s earthquakes walk on earth, residents in some parts of the world do not have access to unlimited satellite internet access. Some areas are only slow, although they were dead locations in the cellular phone network.

Why Satellite Internet Is So Good

Yes, according to internet comparison, satellite internet is very slow than its landline counterpart; however, in the emergency, the satellite internet can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. While satellite internet is still in this development phase, in many emergencies - especially in which major communication channels have been terminated - eventually, they will trust it, because the satellite receives a message across the Internet. The faster the internet can be more successful than ever. When all other channels will be lost.

1. Counterterrorism

In light of recent terrorist attacks in Paris, now satellite internet providers now have difficulty to provide people with disabilities in the event of a failure of communication systems or to stop terrorist activities. Providers are working on all the fronts: locally, to protect innocent citizens from foreign countries, from possible harmful damage and to protect American citizens from abroad.

Preparing US Citizens for Terrorist Attacks

In the later days of the devastating attacks in Paris, the first respondent on the eastern coast of the United States and America is implementing additional security measures to develop both the worst conditions. But their preparations have certainly ensured that there are enough rooms and equipment to serve the injured, or possibly powerful enough to save people in debris; One of the big needs they are addressing is to communicate with them.

Hospitals like Riviered Hospital in Reginia have taken steps to ensure no holes in emergency communication. Apart from the break-in radio and web services, the railway is heavily invested in a mobile command center, complete with Satellite Radio, with VHF and UHF Radio, HAM Radio, Cable Internet, Cellular Internet, and Sharp Satellite Is.

How to write professional essay

How to write professional essay

It occupies an important place a a form of literature. The world can never fort the contributions of Montaigue, Aristotle, Bacon, Cowley, Swift, Johson, Ruskin, Addion and Steele. The most famous essayist of the last century were Charles Lamb, Macaulay, Emerson, Hazlitt, Do Quincy and Sidney Smith. They rendered valuable service in reviing this branch of literature. It is adaptable to all subjects, imposes no restrictions and conveys information in a clear, easy and pleasant manner. It importance from the examination clear, easy and pleasant manner. Its importance from the examination point of view is also significant. It si the crucial test of a student’s ability. The again it encourages thoughtfulness and server to from a habit of reasonableness fairness and of lucid writing.

It scoops it unlimited. Anything from the stars to dust wills server an essayist. He may even attempt an essay on “Nothing”. The subject does not matter, but what matters are clear thinking, vivid exposition and an individual mode of presentation, or expression.

How to write professional essay

Essay writing Technique

Some student’s start writing an essay and find themselves lost in the subject. There is other who always complain about lack of material and ideas and ca hardly tackle half the point on the subject. An essay must reveal the mental discipline of the writer and the thoughts must be puts down in an orderly manner. The essay should have artistic unity, design and proportion of parts like a well finished work of art. The subject for an essay must be that over that number of times.

The best side should be put foremost in the introduction which will win the interest of the reader. Haste often make waste.

Therefore careless handling of rather subject often results in failure. Having carefully understood the subject, the necessary materials should be gathered. Human memory, contains more thing than one the subject may be found to be useful. Consultation of standard books is always desirable. One must write otn to write well practice alone will make him good essayist.

Then come the most important stage in easy-writing, namely, planning. All the thoughts, ideas, arguments, etc., should be given a definite and systematic from and skeleton should be set up. Everything written must have some bearing on the subject. There shod be no wandering into matter no beating about the bush and no uncalled for digression. The arrangement should be made carefully and thoughtfully. Exaggeration indicated bad tastes and must not be indulged in. Planning is of much importance. It is more the held the battle. To do this facts are to be collected. They are to be properly arranged. The right worked is to be used in the right place . It is always advisable to write from one’s knowledge observation, reflection and imagination. Once the outline or the Skeleton of the essay is formed, the take is facilities enormously. In writing an essay it must always be attractive and convicting. Well begun is half done, and similarly if the essay is not well concluded it may not appeal to the radar. The conclusion should be brief string and natural. Clarity and precision are a essential a originality. There should be unity of structure in paragraphs as well as on the whole. All parts should by words and ideas should be avoided. To sustain interest in the composition it is essential that the meaning should be expressed clearly and plainly. Unnecessary word and phrases should not be introduced. Some variety in eiders and words is essential to create a lasting impression on the reader.

Classification of essay writing

Essay may be divided in many ways according to subject matter or style. We have roughly divided them in to their classes:

  1. Descriptive essays describe the size, appearance growth or uses of any giving object, place or material.
  2. Narrative essays narrate a story, an event or the life of a person in logical sequence.
  3. Reflective essay express the ideas or reactions of the writer on any subject, even an abstract one.

This classification is neither rigid nor conventional, because there is much room for reelection even in descriptive and narrative writing. Rather it is mostly arbitrary. Convenience, simplicity and ease are at the bottom of this division.

Practical Hints for best easy writing

  • Select the which suits you best
  • Think before writing, raise questions.
  • Put down on a piece of paper the principal ideas that suggest themselves to you.
  • Arrange them in a proper order.
  • Develop them and let every principal idea have a harmonious paragraph to itself.
  • Add fresh details if found necessary.
  • Provide an introduction and a consulting
  • Set a limit to your essay.
  • Cut down irrelevant stuff and stick carefully

Best GMAT preparation in Lahore

Best GMAT Preparation in Lahore

A Complete Guide to choose best GMAT preparation in Lahore

GMAT preparation in Lahore

  1. What is GMAT?

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test with a standardized exam at various locations around the world. Within North America, there are many international locations where one finds GMAT through the computer getting administered. With international locations putting up an extensive network of computers not yet established with GMAT offered either temporary computer based testing centers on a limited schedule or paper-based test at local testing centers.

Thousands of graduate management programs use the Graduate Management Admission Test in the admission process. Interest in graduate management education has never been higher with a selection of class filling limited capacity of most MBA programs which has never been more challenging. From different countries, there are applicants who have cultures, academic background, and levels of work experiences. The GMAT exam thus provides under standard conditions with the highest level of security ensuring to score comparable across applicants.

Generally, GMAT fee usually takes around US$250 globally with more payment methods potential taxes, and cancellation fees along with other considerations.

The top business schools include as follows:

  • IBA – Institute of Business Administration (Karachi)
  • LUMS – Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • BZU – Bahauddin Zakariya University (Multan)

 How GMAT works?

With GMAT being conducted throughout the year is with more than 150 countries around the world. Hence there is a combination of permanent and mobile test centers creating access is with the virtually prospective applicant. Online registration is one such process making the most of getting registered with testing fast and easy.

  1. What is the best way to prepare for GMAT?

GMAT is one of the criteria where students need applying for an MBA program. With flexible standardized test attempt five times a year with a schedule of examination per one’s professional and personal commitments pertinent to remembering B-Schools requiring much more from applicants just a suitable GMAT score. Sir Ali Tariq is one of the best teacher providing GMAT Preparation in Lahore Pakistan.

One has to remember the following –

  1. Start early – With study time taking several months one might struggle juggling other aspects such as personal and professional commitment with other applicants.
  2. Give your best attempt – The first time one avoids having a reschedule of the exam.
  3. Focus completely with the purpose of GMAT – Avoiding common pitfalls with an excessive focus on grammar and avoidance of AWA preparation until the last minute.
  4. Keeping eye out for college deadlines.
  5. Ensures you who work in college applications rushed at the last minute.

How to prepare for GMAT?

With a misconception of GMAT that tests analytical and Math skills where the students fare better has a strong foundation and follow time saving strategies. A smarter way is preparing the GMAT which is religiously following the syllabus setting by GMAC and referring the books and examination material provided by the test maker.

GMAT strategies with having a high score

Develop your own plan –

With spending enough time one notes that there are strengths and weaknesses which one lies knowing to face geometry questions with Quantitative sections. Spending an 8 minute stressing out is with a question where there is a good chance of getting it wrong.  The only way one uses your time wisely is with knowing your abilities beforehand.

Be well rehearsed-

Practice is what making permanence. With setting aside time in quite a place is with taking some practice GMAT exams. You use this opportunity in assessing more time with a need of spending more time with studying.

There is GMAT preparation which produces the highest number of GMAT test takers in Pakistan where there is one who placed top global business schools such as Harvard and Stanford, INSEAD, LBS, Wharton etc.

There is GMAT test which is available within five days a week from Monday through Friday.

One can have a registration and scheduling process for GMAT test online using credit card. To register online, one needs to:

  • Create an account in
  • Complete and verify personal profile
  • Choose a test center.
  • Select a date.
  • Check out.
  • For more details, you can get free counsling from Mr. Ali Tariq who is teaching the best GMAT preparation in Lahore.

Set a Goal Score-

A goal score is one of the most important things which we did as a test-taker. Setting a goal score helps one making sure you are on a track considering an applicant at the MBA program of choice. Also it helps focusing on and work towards specific and concrete goal.

Setting your goal score looking at averages of applicants is at the MBA programs applying to. Thus with setting goal score at high end scores definitely falls into the range of acceptable scores.

Use High Quality Prep Materials-

One best thing one can do yourself is studying GMAT using high-quality prep materials. However, they are realistic simulating test content and format which might actually see on the GMAT.

The best option is practice materials where there are GMAT tests and questions from GMAC. Be skeptical of unfamiliar prep materials making sure about reading review of books where there is software spending money on them.

Understanding format of the test

One has to make sure spending time on a building with deep understanding of the format of GMAT. This familiarizes with sections where there are number of question arises in each section with length of time completing one. Understanding GMAT format feels comfortable on test day.

With studying GMAT with more perspective is important with your MBA admissions certainly but it is only part of application. With more focus on building a well-rounded application hence forth shows skills in many different areas. This is ultimately a strong, well-rounded candidate with medium GMAT scoring taking you farther candidate with terrible grades and no experience, but with a high GMAT score.


It has been over five years were with the influx of foreign private investment within the country created with the demand of trained professionals in the business administration which sets up universities in the private sector. With this having more changes, where there are the foreign investment with most business graduates in the surplus and reportedly without any job.

How much Time Google take to Rank your Page?

How much Time Google take to Rank your Page?

Everybody wants to know that how much time Google takes to rank his page after publishing the stuff? Many of others give you the same pathetic answer “It Depends”. But you have to believe that there is no magical formula really exists to take your website ranking on the top of Google.

It is true that it is dependent. But what are the things on which your page depends to come at the first page ranking in the Search Engine Optimizer. Here we are going to mention the points that helpful to rank you website in Google:

Google ranking

  • Long Form Content
  • On-Page Optimization
  • SEMrush Tool
  • Work At Lower Ranking Keywords
  • Strategic Keyword Research

Factors Affecting the Time Needed for Google Ranking

Google has again and again that there are more than 300 factors in ranking algorithm that are affecting the time needed for a blog, post, pages etc to rank in Google. But the most important factor is that how long Google take to ranked websites?

Here we are going to discuss all the factors:

  • Age of the Domain

It is most likely to notice that an old and trusted website is ranked in Google highly than a new one. But the other factors are same for both. It doesn’t mean that a new website never ranked in Google. But it required more time to be on top of Google.

Any Domain older period is 6 months. If you purchase any Domain or Web Hosting In Lahore, it is considers newer till the 6 months. After the 6 months, your domain became older and it will get more and more traffic according to the stuff.

  • Clean Domain

Clean website means a website that never penalized by the Google either by a manual or algorithmic penalty. This factor can work in both ways, in your favor or against of you to rank your website in Google. There are two ways to show-out that your domain is clean:

  • Manual Penalties

Login to Google webmaster tools, Click to your website and go to the dashboard to select ‘Manual Actions’ from the search traffic menu. If your website shows the option ‘No manual web spam actions found’. Then it means that your website never have manual penalties.

  • Algorithmic Penalties

Besides manual, algorithmic penalties also checked. For this purpose you have to login to your Google analytics or any other in which you are still working. After this go to ‘Traffic Sources Report’.

Select Google to your Traffic source and set the date rang. Observe any redical change in traffic and compare it with the dates of “Google Algorithm Change History”. If you observe any difference in the dates when you lost traffic and when Google rolled out changes. Then it means that you have a penalty and it is depends on what type of working are doing for recovery.

If your domain is not clean then its waste of time to try to rank your website in Google. The penalty that imposed on your website will not let you do it. So, first of all clean your domain or you may be start with a new domain.

  • Competition of the Keywords

There is a very strong competition of various famous keywords in Google search. So you should carefully select the keywords that you have to use for your ranking.

If you are trying to popular then it is a good way to choose famous keywords with some changes. This can be possible to you if you have a strong and trusted website.

You can choose low ranked keywords at first until your website get rank high and famous after using that keywords. It is surely a time taking process but it will make your website get higher and higher.

  • Type of Content

Another very important factor that is needed to rank in Google faster is the type of content that you are enters in your website. If your content is the breaking news type then it will be rank too soon and you get a ton of traffic at your website. But if it is not the breaking news then it will take time to be rank in Google search.

Let we take an example, if you are publishing an article on the ‘Possible war episodes in the Middle East’ it will more likely to rank in Google faster. If you are publishing an article on the ‘Food allergies’ it will low rank in Google.

  • SEO Title

It is too important to have a fabulous SEO title than you think. I explained earlier that how you have to choose keyword using keywords tool. But here I want to understand you one thing that SEO title is the main factor of an article. An optimize title is rank faster than a non-optimize title.

If you are a web master or a normal blogger i.e, you have a new website with not a strong author profile and you have only few links on the website. Then if you are write an awesome stuff for that website but you choose a wrong title, you never ever ranked in Google not a short time also.

  • Content Length

Content length is also an important factor of the Fast ranking in Google. A long content will ranked in Google fast and take some time than a short content. I suggest you to publish a long content length article than a short one.

  • Number of Published Content

It is same as the age of domain as we explained the above. If your website have a number of best quality content then you website will faster ranked in Google. By posting few posts on daily basis, proves to be valuable for your website.

  • Original Content

I know that everybody knows that original stuff is required for a website. But here I want to more clarify the basics. Never expect to Google that your non-optimized content ranked in Google.

  • SEO is Important

On-page and Off-page SEO plays a very important role. They perform a huge role to rank your website in Google. A carefully designed SEO campaign will run up your whole postings on your page.

  • Frequency of Publishing

Time needed for ranking the website in Google also depend on how frequent you are posting. If your page is new and you are posting 2-3 times in a week, probably you are rank in Google soon. But if you are not publishing any content, there are rare chances for your site to rank in Google immediately.

SoftandHost is one of the Best SEO Company in Lahore Pakistan, which providing high class services using latest technology.

Online istikhara for marriage

Online istikhara for Marriage.

Istikhara is one of the best suggestion from God when your thought stops. Often in life, we become stuck about the decision in life. Spatially some time we unable to deiced to choose our Life partner. Online Istikhara for Marriage is the best solution for the correct decision. Istikhara is the best method to get guideline from Allah.

How to do Online Istikhara for Marriage

There are many kinds of Istikhara but the main is Istikhara from Quran and Tasbeeh. You can perform istikhara any time any place. Best time for Istikhara is before Fajjar prayer or after Isha prayer. You should fully satisfied with neat and clean you and your dress with the proper natural mind.

Here you can ask any Aalim Deen to perform Online istikhara for the best result.

Online Istikhara for marriage

Online Istikhara for marriage