The AEO in collaboration with the IDP is conducting the IELTS test every month in Pakistan. In September, the test will be held on the 5th, the 12th (Academic), and the 26th. In October, the IELTS test will be held on the 10th, the 15th(Academic), the 24th, and the 31st (Academic). In November, the IELTS test will be held on the 7th(Academic), the 12th, the 21st, and the 28th, whereas in December, the IELTS test will hold on the 5th, then 12th, and the 19th (Academic). The British Council is rumored to resume their IELTS testing in October 2020.

Call for IELTS Preparation :+92-323-4622-368

The best books for IELTS test preparation are the University of Cambridge Past Papers with Answers suite of which there are 13 editions available in the market currently. Each book has four full-length Academic tests and two full-length General IELTS tests, including the listening and speaking sample tests. The books also come with audio CDs for Listening practice and sample model essay, letter, and report answers for review and understanding. Of all the Literature available the Cambridge suite is the most useful and highly recommended. Although the British Council has it’s own study pack which is available by online purchase order and then there is Barron’s IELTS book as well which is also effective for understanding the test.


The new fee for IELTS registration with AEO effective August 19th, 2020 is Rs. 38, 280, and with Online Credit Card payment after GST it comes out to be Rs. 39, 430. The data transfer fee is Rs. 9, 570, whereas the IELTS test Center change Fee is Rs. 1,160. The AEO IELTS test Karachi Registration Fee is Rs. 37, 290. The British Council IELTS test Fee for Peshawar, Abbottabad, Quetta, Mirpur is Rs. 30,000, for Karachi, and Hyderabad it is Rs. 33, 900, whereas for Punjab it is Rs. 34, 800.


EASY COACHING provides one-on-one coaching and online training for the purpose of IELTS test preparation and is the best institute in this regard. EASY COACHING is owned by Professor Zeeshan A. Khalid who has been an IELTS instructor for the last twenty years. He is foreign qualified and has vast experience in helping students prepare for the test in person or online. His interactive, hands-on approach to quality learning is bound to produce guaranteed results by putting students at ease with the material as they learn the tips and techniques required to excel in the IELTS test. He offers classes on Zoom and also shares useful online material that IELTS test takers find especially beneficial to prepare well.