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Search Engine Optimization

In this digital era, the competition is growing day by day, each single page is competing to rank on the first page in Google. Not appearing on the first page means there is no way to mark your existence and you end up standing among the millions of flop pages out there.
Search engine optimization is the key if success because it not only help you to get higher ranking but drives more and more traffic. Softandhost is the leading Company in Lahore promises ranking, leads, growth, and visibility in SERP with its Best Seo Services.

What is SEO?

SEO is a way of deploying different link-building tools and various optimizations to improve the webpage ranking in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, etc. with the accessibility and ease of use of growing internet technologies the global community of consumer is shopping online, searching for products and services online.
When a user searches anything online the Search Engine returns millions of listing, and one SERP (Search Engine Result Page) contain about 10 results. About 80% of the users go to the first three links and very tiny amount check the other remaining. With top-quality Soft and host SEO Services, you’ll not get yourself stuck on 10th or 12th SERP.

What We Offer Under SEO Services

Being the best and most trusted SEO company in Lahore, Softandhost always keeps its client in focus. We believe in long-term relationships and our ultimate goal is to give our client premium quality services at a very affordable price. We always focus to benefit our clients by not charging high fees but by creating success. Soft and host has the best Seo Professionals who possess years of experience in the market. By updating our tools according to the newest Google’s Algorithm, we keep ourselves updated. As we focus on the quality so we always adhere to the white hat (acceptable by the search engine) techniques, we generate organic traffic for your web pages and social media profiles. These efforts will lead to high revenues and higher ROI (Return on Investment).
There are general SEO guidelines that apply in every scenario but every organization has different requirements. After having a thorough conversation with the client and understanding all the wants and needs the Soft and host design a highly converting SEO strategy. Our custom-made solutions will help you to achieve your goal on your desired timeline and preferred budget.

Website Auditing & Optimization

Being stuck on the 10th or 12th in SERP can be due to several reasons such as keyword cannibalization, broken links, and many more. With a thorough analysis of each page, on-page elements, and complete SEO auditing by soft and host professionals, all web page imperfections and errors will be removed. And the website is now going to get ranked higher in the SERP.  This somewhat tiring process includes improvements like Internal Link.

Analytics Research

Standing in the top-row of best SEO companies in Pakistan. The soft and host professionals gained mastery in Google Analytics; thus, they are capable to make strategy according to any trend after comprehending ongoing trends deeply. By time to time optimization, web metrics analysis, goal preparation, and by gaining insights we provide detailed reports about the ongoing strategy. Our google analytic experts start from strategy to implementation.

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Finding Opportunities & Right Keywords

SEO is all about choosing the right keyword. The keyword research and competitive analysis are the core foundations of effective SEO campaigns. The experts of Soft and Host make sure your visibility in the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Getting ranked at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the SERP will guarantee more traffic, give a great number of sales, conversions, and add revenue to your business.

Competitive Edge

Competitive analysis by market experts marks a huge impact on the business. As you get a tighter hold on the audience you want to target. We welcome your input in keyword research and analysis! Because the knowledge you give about the industry you are working in is priceless. The compound effect of your knowledge and our expert’s strategy gives a great edge to the business and drives a huge amount of traffic,

Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization gives tremendous results when used with a combination of marketing tools such as social media, PR & Branding, and content marketing. The Softandhost’s experts are very experienced and familiar with the perfect mix of tools, thus able to divert maximum traffic to your website which leads to quick conversions. If you think that your business is somewhat different and need a quirky SEO strategy.

Content Marketing

Soft and Host escapade the value of content marketing to boost up the off-page optimization and divert more traffic to the client’s webpages. Standing among the leading SEO organization, we focus to distribute user-oriented and SEO rich content over the web, thus grabbing more organic traffic and engaging them with information and useful facts. Our content creator creates blog posts to attract top-quality visitors and build brand awareness.

Monitoring & Reporting

The detailed analysis by our experts gives a huge impact on growing business. The monitoring of all SEO campaigns, marketing strategies, and timely reporting is the backbone of the business. Depending upon the reports the suitable consultations are given so that these metrics can be implemented to business. For making our service best in all over Pakistan we hired the professionals who are the ones in their relevant fields.

Search Engine Penalty Recovery

Sometimes the website faces a sudden downfall in the ranking, in this scenario the first thing that you must do is check whether the site hit by Google penalty. If yes, then immediate action is required. Whether your webpage is penalized moderately or critically, we have developed effective methodologies and remarkable strategies in the past few years that ensures guaranteed recovery. We make most required on-site modifications along with the necessary backlinks.

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